Monday, 6 April 2009

Embracing technology like a technology embracing thing

My new phone lets me create "picture blogs" and upload them in just a couple of minutes. This is rather cool, although it's worth pointing out that my old phone could do this too - but when I got that phone I didn't have a blog, so I never set it up.

The previous entry to this one was sent from my phone. By the nature of the way my phone lets me make these mini entries, they will consist of a title, a photo, and couple of lines of text. You'll be able to spot them in amongst my "made on a PC" posts, because the latter all feature either no picture, or a picture with a (possibly) amusing caption.

What this means is that whenever I see something that amuses, annoys or just interests me, I'll be able to post about it. Woo. And, indeed, hoo.

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